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Breitling Navitimer 1 Chronograph 41 A1332412/CA02-731P Replica watch


Breitling Navitimer 1 Chronograph 41 A1332412/CA02-731P Replica watch

breitling replica Watch strap is made of fine steel chain strap, the link is small, polished, comfortable to wear. Watch with folding table buckle. Watch case after polishing polishing, smooth and rich in metallic luster. The cut surface of wrist watch circle is smooth, the line is firm, have stereo sense extremely. Table ear for welding table ear, small and delicate; After polishing, rounded lines, smooth section. Ear is a small arc, to ensure that the wrist watch and wrist more fit. Watch strap with fine steel folding buckle link, buckle easy to open and close, easy to wear. Put on your roommate's breitling logo. The white dial of the wristwatch is symmetrical in design and distribution. It USES the Arabic numeral time scale to indicate the time with three needles and has a date display window at six o 'clock. There are small dial for timing at three and nine o 'clock positions. The dial is covered with raised double - sided anti - glare sapphire crystal glass. This breitling watch is a tribute to the historical moment, in 1915 breitling released the world's first independent timing button to get worldwide attention, and this new transedate 1915 timing watch adhering to the great invention of history, into the new design, for you to present a with extraordinary accuracy of the chronograph, exciting.

Breitling, a Swiss replicas watches brand, was founded in 1884 and began to focus on the development of aviation watches. Although breitling has not been hyped in China, it still attracts many fans. Its unrestrained appearance and unparalleled performance are the true portrayal of breitling. Enjoy breitling's outstanding watches today through A1937012/ ba57/760p.

The breitling A1937012BA57760P is a large men's watch with a round dial that measures 46mm in diameter and 15.5mm in thickness. It has a silver-white case and a black dial with a dense array of dashboards and dials, underscoring its sophistication. Coupled with a black alligator strap, it shows off the watch's value and gives it a decorative and functional feel. When you look at the complicated dial of the breitling A1937012BA57760P, you may think that the watch is loaded with a lot of features, but the breitling A1937012BA57760P doesn't disappoint. It not only has the basic time display function, but also has the date display, the week display, the month display, the month phase display and the timing function. Its time display function, is realized by the central hour hand, the central minute hand and the small second hand dial. Its small second hand dial in the dial at 12 o 'clock position, share the same display panel with small seconds and date display panel, due to the limited space dial, coupled with the function of the watch is various, it applied the two functions share many times a dial technology, such as Shared by week display panel and 12 hour clock dial dial 6 o 'clock direction, display and 30 minute dial dial share at 9 o 'clock direction.

This not only completes three kinds of fake watches uk date display function, but also two timing dial and the central second hand may realize the timing function, and the timing function is controlled by the crown right two timing buttons, the operation is simple and convenient. In addition, the three o 'clock direction of the moon phase display disc, so that this watch has both practical and life functions and functions for viewing and decoration, it has to say that this breitling A1937012BA57760P watch features a wide range of powerful.

The movement of breitling A1937012BA57760P is Cal.19 movement produced by breitling itself, which is an automatic mechanical movement with excellent performance and improved on the famous ETA 2892-a2 movement. ETA 2892-a2 is one of the famous "three treasures of ETA", which enjoys high evaluation in the industry in terms of performance and decoration. Moreover, the 2892 movement is used in the high-end watch movement, which also shows the breitling A1937012BA57760P watch from the side. The vibration frequency of the movement is 28,800 times per hour, which is the highest vibration frequency that can be achieved at the current technical level, greatly improving the stability of the watch time. In addition, there are 38 precious stones in this movement, which is not only the decoration of the movement, but also plays the role of lubrication for the operation of the movement, making the cloud of the movement more smooth. This movement can also provide 42 hours of power storage function for the watch, which is not very good, but enough to meet the needs of daily life. All in all, the Cal.19 movement, based on the ETA 2892, is an excellent movement. Breitling A1937012BA57760P watch is the outstanding representative of breitling transocean "aviation computer".

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